This is Me

Child of God, bought at a price.
Sunshine on my face makes me grin.
I'm an over-achiever.
Lover of big families and small families 
    and hurting families and broken families.
I research quirky things like paracord watches and herbal salves. And I make them, too.
I care too deeply about other's opinions. 
       Try too hard to feel accepted.
Goal in life: Love God. Love people.
I walk too fast for automatic doors.
I believe there's a battle I'm fighting, and it's not of this world. But Jesus has already won, so my fight is tinged deep with hope.
I want to be a reader but I get to busy doing things and 
      I always forget to chill out and read.
Working out makes me feel good.
Eating makes me feel good. 
      Especially eating peanut butter. 
      And chocolate.
Thing is, I know  God didn't choose me as His child so I could feel good. So I spend a lot of time talking to Jesus and stumbling and haltingly reading God's love letter to me, learning to live in a way that bears fruit. Because I would rather have a fruitful life than a feel-good life.
Role model: Jesus. I wanna live a sold-out like Him. Living and dying all for love.
So yeah. 
And if you met me in person you wouldn't know where all these words came from. This girl stumbles over her out-loud words like a newborn foal finding it's legs. I typically choose to keep my mouth closed. But not on paper. Not with a keyboard in front of me. Somehow God graces my heart with a fire for His truth, and ideas spill over into this blog. 
And I love you. 
So read here awhile; I pray these words are a blessing. 
But I love you. 
So get up sometime and go change the world. Preferably before you grow old and gray. 
I know God has a fantastic plan for your life. 
Go live it. 

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