May 12, 2014

Spring Beauty Earring Tutorial

Aren't these pretty?
I love pink and green together, especially if it's in delicate dangling style. I call these my spring beauty earrings. ;)
And guess what? You can make some too! But yours can be blue and green or orange and pink and red or any springy color combo you have the nail polish for. 
Yup, you read that right... nail polish! That's the secret behind these earrings. The color is supplied by something nearly every girl has stashed in her room!

How to make Spring Beauty Earrings

This is what you need:
A couple colors of nail polish
Thin wire
Wire cutters/benders (our tool does both)
Paper towel (or something to wipe up any messes with)
Pin cushion
2 Earring hooks
2 jump rings (I used 4mm, you can use whatever size you like or even make your own)
2 earring backs

1. Bend the end of the wire into a teardrop shape with the wire-benders.
2. Keep bending and twisting until you like the shape and number of loops - I did seven.
3. "Paint" the loops with nail polish. It may take a bit to get the polish to form a film inside the loop, but keep working at it. If it just won't fill in the loop, the loop may be too big or the nail polish too runny. 
4. Put it somewhere to keep it upright while it dries - I used a pin cushion.
5. Once dry, bend the extra wire into a tiny loop a bit lower than you want the earring to attach to the earring hook. 
6. Use a jump ring to attach the tiny loop you made to the earring hook. The jump rings are on the far left in the picture below... they typically are open to begin with, and you just have to pinch them closed with pliers or a wire bending tool. 
And there you are, folks! Gorgeous spring colors to grace your May outfits with!


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