April 29, 2014


Tonight for supper we had blueberries. And strawberries. And chips. 
One of my chips was so salty-good that I had to close my eyes.

Which made me remember how one of my friends mentioned that she loves it when people really enjoy their food. Like when someone bites into a marvelously juicy apple and their face lights up. Or how I close my eyes and grin like a crazy person when I have ice cream with chocolate and peanut butter in it. 

Boy, am I blessed. I mean, strawberries and blueberries and potato chips?

I bet there are hundreds of girls my age who have never tasted fresh juicy fruit. 

I know there are thousands who survive on garbage - food that would make my stomach turn at the smell.

And at my house we complain when we have rice-and-bean-and-corn-and-cheese casserole. With dessert afterwards. 

Boy, am I ashamed. 
Because even leftovers from my house would be a feast to a precious girl in Africa. 
I have so much. So, so much. 

And all I can say is Thank you, Lord.

Why you've seen fit to bless me with strawberries and not them...
It's a mystery to me. Jesus, show me how to love them, show me how to feed them.
But right now...

Thank you, Lord.
for blueberries 
and strawberries 
and chips.

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