November 12, 2013

Grocery List Holder Tutorial!

Now, I don't know what your families do as far as grocery lists go, but this brilliant (ahem) piece of ancient artwork has served the purpose and resided on our refrigerator for ages:
Beautiful, huh? ;) 
Well, yesterday I started REALLY early on my mom's Christmas present, and was so thrilled with the result that I had to give it to her early. Way early. :) Anyway, here is the finished product: a new and improved grocery list holder!
Much better than the old one, right? The exciting part is this... it's extremely easy to make! And I don't know about you, but I'm pretty excited when I find a cool homemade gift to make for my mom... so you may want to keep quiet about this and have an early Christmas-gift-making session in the depths of your room! Let's get started, shall we? 

First, gather your supplies: 
pretty piece of paper the size you want your finished product to be
thicker piece of paper/card stock the same size
Scraps of paper in corresponding colors to your main paper
Glue stick/double sided tape/Elmer's glue
1-2 notepads
Knife (x-acto knives work well)  
Magnets (strips or circles) 
Glue gun
Fancy punches, string, sparkles, embellishments, etc. (optional)

1. Glue/attach both large pieces of paper together. The strong one is merely to give the pretty one extra support.
2. Lay out your design. Personally, I wanted two notebooks, and I staggered them to strengthen the design and paper.
3. Measure the width of each of your notebooks, and mark on the back of the contraption how wide the notebooks are. You will be cutting a slit through the paper to stick the stiff back of the notebooks through, but you don't necessarily want to cut a slit where you want the top of the notebook to go, so get familiar with your notebooks so you know exactly how they will hang when you stick the back of the notebook through the page. 
4. Cut slits through the page that are the same width as the back of your notebooks, and try to fit the backs through. If they're too tight, cut the slits a tiny bit wider. 
5. You may want to tape/glue the backs down... I did on my smaller notebook.
5. Glue labels, tags, embellishments, and anything you like on to make it pretty!
6. Use a glue gun to attach magnets to the top two corners and a pen. Originally, I was going to tie a string to the pen and attach that to a magnet, but my little sister (brilliant sidekick that she is) suggested doing it this way, which I like a lot better. :) 
That's it! I'd love to know if you try this, and how it turns out!


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