January 5, 2015

The Books I Grew Up On

I didn’t watch TV.
Didn’t play video games.
Didn’t chat on the phone.
And I… uh…. I still don’t have a cell phone.
Goodness, I remember thinking I was headed straight for a mess of sin when I got an MP3 player for Christmas one year!

How did I exist like that?

I grew up on books. And my parent’s guidance and wonderful friends and an occasional movie… but books taught me a bunch. Here are the ones that stand out in my memory: 
  • Kisses from Katie. Beautiful story of a girl who followed God’s leading to live in Uganda with a passel of adopted girls. This book gave me a heart for missions and orphans.
  • Beautiful Girlhood. Great mom-daughter read about issues of the heart. I loved the old-fashioned tone of this book.
  • Do Hard Things. Revealed the crazy-low expectations our culture has for teens and inspired me to rise above them.
  • Life of Faith series. I credit these books with giving me a desire for intimacy with Christ. Elsie, Violet, Millie, Kathleen… I looked up to them all (as strange as that sounds) and grew closer to God as a result. They were my role models in print.
  • Before You Meet Prince Charming. This was the first book I read about guys and relationships. It taught me the beauty of purity and the wisdom of my parents. I became a staunch believer in “courtship” or “dating with lots of parental involvement and consent.” This book helped me decide for myself that I would not date until I’m ready to get married. (and I’ve stuck with it, by the way!)
  • It’s (Not That) Complicated. This takes the whole guys-and-crushes-and-how-do-I-treat-guys to the next level. It showed me that guys and girls can, indeed, have uplifting friendships without getting romantically involved.
  • Beyond Waiting. I personally know the author of this book, and it’s as awesome as she is. It taught me that waiting around for Prince Charming is not the way to go. Beyond Waiting encouraged me to live my life – whether or not a guy is on the horizon.

What books shaped your life as you grew up? Let me know in the comments!

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