August 13, 2013

Normal? What's that?

    One of my favorite ironic theories is how there really is no normal person. In fact, I'd rather not live in a world where I was normal... because that would mean I would just be one of the many minions of  Sally, or Susie, or Jane. Bor-ing.
    Myself included, everyone has traits or tendencies foreign to Sally, Susie, and Jane, which are what makes life interesting, not to mention fun. Why, if we were all minions, words like "mine", "late", and "sometimes" would be nonexistent. New inventions would cease to be novel because every single person would invent them at the exact same time. 
    In short, our differences and "abnormalities" are what gives life flavor (you've probably figured that out by now, but I was on a roll with my writing, so ya know...).
    This seems to be a perfect time to share a list of some of the quirks I own that I've been itching to set free from my notebook. Prepare yourself... 

- I am stingy towards myself - I literally can't remember the last time I bought something for myself out of my pocket.
- I am a health nut who struggles with self-control when it comes to sweets. Ironic, I know.
- I love to ride horses, but don't want one of my own. I've seen how much work and money they burn up - trust me, you DO NOT want a horse!
- I feel weird if I'm not wearing my pocket knife. 
- I'm extremely shy around guys my age. *cringe*
- I'd rather climb a tree than read a book.
- My little sister is one of my two BFF's.
- I dislike carrying a purse, so my "purse" is actually a wallet with a homemade strap. If I must carry one, the smaller the better!
- My clothes used to be horrifyingly frumpy (loose, plain t-shirts and jeans/shorts was my staple).
- I hate having my nails painted.
- I'd rather listen to the outdoors than music, most of the time.
- If possible, I will make something before I even consider buying it.
- I got a big bottle of perfume for my 13th birthday, and have used under 2 Tbsp. of it, even though I love the smell of it.
- I chew gum a half piece at a time (as in, half a piece of Stride).
- When I acquire candy, I typically choose to sell it to my brother rather than eat it.
- I don't like flip-flops. What's the use of shoes you can't run in? Seriously, girls!
- I make my own sunscreen and toothpaste ('cause I don't like the list of chemicals and icky stuff in store boughten versions)
- I go to bed early, of my own accord ( in my little sister's words, "crazy early, like 8:30!").
- I don't like talking on the phone.
- I thoroughly enjoyed my high school chemistry class. 

So, I'm weird. But here's my one request: will you love me anyway, and comment on my blog? I really, really want to know who's out there reading the words that flowed easy from my Jesus-filled heart. Will you at least answer one question? 
What do you believe to be your craziest quirk?


  1. Probably my weirdest quirk is the fact that I LOVE raw onions :). I like literally eat them like apples, I am not totally immune, I still cry when cutting them up!

    1. You never cease to amaze me, girl! Thanks for commenting!

  2. One of my weirdest quirks is that as a small child I never slept with a stuffed animal, but at 16 I sleep with a teddy bear every night. =)

    1. Really?!? Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and comment, Sarah! I've been enjoying, by the way!


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