March 31, 2014

A Rhythm in the Running

I've been running a lot lately. Running behind my to-do list, running to get to bed at a reasonable hour, running to get some schoolwork done. And literal running, too. Five miles yesterday, two on Friday and four on Wednesday.... 
With the drumming of my feet on the ground, my breathing gets ragged and how do I catch my breath? 
There's this thing I've been doing, each day like breathing, that helps keep the rhythm of living while running. 

It started with the Joy Dare - a treasure hunt for three gifts from God every single day - and it brought spreading, expanding life. 
Somehow it didn't stay at three "thank you's" a day. It came natural-like, this seeing, receiving, this inhaling of God's blessings. This exhaling of thanks. 

When your life finds a rhythm, can you not let it take over? 

This breathing in of the blessings, this breathing out of thanks. 

Ooh, smoke drifting from a rustic farm smokestack - that's the inhaling.
Thank you, Lord. - the exhale, relief. 

So glad I have good legs to run with... Inhale.
Thanks, Jesus!  Exhale.


And when you find a rhythm in the running, it expands by itself. 
I didn't have to force myself to look for new blessings, because breathing is natural. Once you breathe out, can you ever not want to breathe back in again? 

Try it, I dare you. Print out the Joy Dare, and write out three blessings with me each day. 

Instead of gasping for breath in the running of life, try breathing with the rhythm of thanks. 

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