August 4, 2014

Confessions of a Writer who hasn't been Writing

I've been lazy.
Telling myself I have no words to write
But really I've just failed to dig them up out of my heart.
For me, writers block is a frame of mind
That comes in the summer.
Lazy days and
No deadlines.

I think I sometimes cheat myself out of deep words spilled out on the page
Because I fear the currents
Tugging beneath the glittering surface.
I see the sun reflecting off the shining water 
Pretty shallow thoughts
And Pinterest-perfect quotes.
I sit on the bank ignoring parched lips
And dirty hands,
Content somehow.
I need to force myself to step into the water
Break the smooth shining surface 
I need to drink deep,
Dip in
And find strong currents.
Dangerous waters.
Because there 
In the scary place
In the dark mystery
I find Him.

And when I find Him
I find words.

I'm gonna try to write more, guys. 

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