January 1, 2014

To smile and slow and breathe and grow

On my to-do list for 2014:

Smile at more strangers (because who knows if they have anyone else to love them?)

Climb more trees (and smile and breathe deep and press into rough tree-skin and feel the unseen wind bending the strong holding me up)

Always watch the sunset and the sunrise when I can (because God is an artist and breathed into me a dimension of his own beauty-love)

Read my Bible more than once a day (remembering that it is meant to be my constant food, not an occasional dessert)

Run faster (and feel the strength God placed in my body and the perseverance He's working in my heart)

Crack open my mask and be who God made me to be (because that's when I'll feel truly alive)

Sweat more (hard work, playing, laughing and sunshine)

Eat slower (because God made food taste good for a reason)

Go on more adventures (life is not boring, nor should it be)

Allow others and circumstances - and ultimately God - to stretch me beyond my comfy zone (because God designed me to grow, but who can grow without stretching taller?) 

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